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Comment: Economics

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You know I am a democrat voting for Ron Paul. I've said that many times here. What I think is missing from more people being converted over to supporting Ron Paul is economics. I study economics so I am very well versed there.

I have converted many of my liberal friends over to Ron Paul just by explaining to them what is happening to our economy. As soon as the light bulb comes on in their is very easy to see that Ron Paul is our only choice right now. Whether we agree with him on the stupid wedge issues or not.

I do a lot of research out there. I see a lot of Ron Paul supporters talking conspiracy theories which turns people off. It turned me off for a long time. All I'm saying is maybe a little less on the "conspiracy" and a little more on the reality of what is happening right now in our economy. Just show them what happened to our dollar today and the gold price and then explain from there.

Just a thought.