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Comment: Good luck

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Good luck

I don't believe for one second that Mr. Greenspan has "thrown off his Fedspeak muzzle"; if anything, he has exchanged it for another kind of muzzle.

He is still a connected guy, a CFR and Bilderburg member, and married to Andrea Mitchell at NBC. He still eats lunch at the "club" and associates with his old cronies, all of whom are similarly "made" guys. Greenspan would soft-peddle or obfuscate any debate question; he's good at that. Ron Paul would win, but not a very satisfying victory.

In my opinion, the question of the FEDs existence is what ought to be debated, and the only guy to talk about that is David Rockefeller. His father was a founding member and the Rockefellers have profited from its existence enormously. There is no more connected man on earth than David Rockefeller. Now that is a debate I would like to see. Or a debate with Henry Kissinger. Alan Greenspan would make for one dull evening.