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Great test.... now follow this test up with five more deeper questions....

such as, do you think it was a "CONSPIRACY LIGHT" as in, key individuals saw part of the 9/11 event coming but chose to look away or sought "plausible deny-ability" --- a sort of soft conspiracy through omission or doing nothing. ( to my mind, this is FDR and his D-Day Hawaii)

Do you think there was an "PUSH CONSPIRACY", as in, key individuals worked over time to orchestrate various "others" to make 9/11 happen --- a sort of shadowy conspiracy. (to my mind JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, sinking of Lusitania, the Office of Special Plans & its bad Iraq intel, the overthrow of the prime minister of Iran in 1953 via the CIA on behalf of BP and other oil interests see ).

Do you think there was an "ACTIVE CONSPIRACY" as in, key individuals worked overtime to implement the preset plan and 'do the work themselves" -- a sort of Big C Conspiracy (to my mind this is best shown by the TV drama Mission Impossible, The creation of the FED, the failed Bay of Pigs invasion)

Do you think there was a "OPPORTUNE CONSPIRACY", as in, Key individuals with a wish list of plans, use the totally surprise event as launching point to implement their preset key plans and goals. (to my mind the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, the invasion of Iraq)


For my money,... my bet is on 9/11 being a case of a PUSH CONSPIRACY... where upon lots of actors/players to the event did not know that they where players in the resulting event, but were pushed in that direction by others who could/should/did know but leaving everyone with "plausible deny-ability". Further, these key individuals had clear motivation for the 9/11 event to happen. This also means there was NOT explosives planted or switched planes or rockets that hit the pentagon or any thermite or any other such conspiracy suggestion all debunked ( I think) here: And if you do not think its been debunked, thus are a 9/11 truther, then you are what I call a ACTIVE CONSPIRACY person.

Sadly, the ACTIVE CONSPIRACY types are the life blood of the 9/11 truther movement. It is just impossible to get around them, disagree, and then try to explain to them that you still believe there was a conspiracy.

I just wish there was more PUSH CONSPIRACY guys like me, in particular, I wish there was real gum shoe detective work to learn the truth and bring it all to light. The stories surrounding the ownership of the Florida Airports trainings schools, the stories about how the 9/11 terrorists behaved and learned all point to my mind, that there was an PUSH CONSPIRACY. Most of all, PUSH CONSPIRACY is the what the CIA loves to do most...or at least, ...I think so.

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