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Comment: Anti-choice? Anti-life? We need a new swing.

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Anti-choice? Anti-life? We need a new swing.

Michele, abortion is one of those difficult but vote swinging issues.

Ron Paul should start a new abortion position: Pro-existence. This will take away the ability of attackers from labeling him due to his abortion beliefs. They will have to stop and say "What's that?"

He is pro-life, but willing to let others practice pro-choice.
How? He will take the Feds out of it and put it back in the states hands. As President, he can promote pro-life, but each state could choose to be pro-choice. We can all believe in pro-life but must accept pro-choice, if that's what the majority decides in each state. This will open up the possibility of swinging some libs over to the dark side,

Our goal right now is make his election a possibility. Once people believe it is possible, momentum will take care of the rest.