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You guys never make very convincing arguments with the whole 'anarchy' thing.

In the beginning we had anarchy. What happened to it? Where did it go?

Given the fact that we know that: A. We as a species gave up on Anarchy for some reason in the distant past, and B. It took many thousands of years before we were able to get Governments as decent as the ones we have now. Why should we cast aside what we have now and go for broke on the wheel of random human stupidity? Would it not be better to incrementally modify our current government in order to make it more anarchyesque.

At any rate, jumping into 'how', and 'why' its practical without addressing how and when we lost it is foolish in my opinion.

A sample of the problems with your post:

If a DRO wants to create a new rule, that rule will be fairly useless unless other DROs are willing to cooperate with it

Unless the innovative DRO uses force to coerce other DROs to cooperate.

Any DRO that was paying for goods or services that its customers did not want – i.e. an army – would very quickly go out of business, because it would not be competitive in terms of rates.

You're assuming that all people will not want an army. This is obviously false-- some subset of the population clearly wants an army as we have one now. As soon as someone gets an army, you can bet your boots that I'm going to want one and you're going to want one of our own to protect us from their army. This spirals into an arms race, etc, etc, etc...

Once again Anarchist Eden becomes Paradaise Lost.