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unfortunately trying to

unfortunately trying to educate the public on the fraud that is the Fed gets you labeled as a lunatic conspiracy theorist.

Then you're simply not using examples relevant to the people you're explaining it to. Or, the people you're explaining it to benefit directly from the Fed.

I think you have to explain it simply from the inflation point of view. When the Fed creates the credit to bail out these industries (housing, airlines, etc.) those industries who made risky moves get to spend that new credit at today's value of the dollar. But, the new money dilutes the existing supply which makes the existing supply worth less. Very simply, every time the Fed bails out some big industry, it ultimately devalues the existing dollars. That's why prices keep creeping up. People want to blame greedy corporations. And, you have to tie this hatred of greed to government collusion and the Fed.

I think if you explain it in those terms, it may make you sound less conspiratorial.