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Comment: The Real Conspiracy

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The Real Conspiracy

Greenspan stated he is a Libertarian Republican. When asked what he thought of Hillary, he said "A very smart Woman", but that he "still would vote Republican for the Presidency". So, fiscally, he sounds like he would back Ron, However, he also stated that he believes the Fed Reserve can save us from any forseeable financial crisis. This contradicts what Ron is predicting with our Dollar collapse. The only problem Greenspan forsees is with continued inflation of the $. Maybe Greenspan used to think Gold was the only sound money, but now knows the truth after working for the Fed for 20 years. It could be that the Gold standard is also being manipulated by the Fed itself, making Ron's argument a moot point. I would love for Greenspan to come out & back Ron publicly, as it would be a huge boost to his campaign, but given their different perspectives on this & the fact they have battled & opposed each other in Congress, I don't expect this to happen, how about you?