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Bravo...I also extend this

Bravo...I also extend this to the people who took out a loan that did not deserve that loan...and why bail them out? It punishes us....who were responsible...and we see our saving eaten by inflation. Two words I've been telling my friends and family for the past year...and now they think I'm some kind of psychic....BUY GOLD!!! should have heard them calling me today. :) I'm not psychic....I do research..and refuse to stay stupid! Now ask me if they bought gold???? No! They are now, however. Before it's too late. I also go into the global picture. They are pretty receptive to this. Stay engaging and interesting. Talk about them and how it affects their life.

We are only going down from here...if they don't act fast...or we don't get Ron Paul in there. Although...I don't think anything can save it now. Oh well, pick up the pieces and move on I guess.