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Of course,

from YOUR description of what "anarchy" is, then that all sounds so utterly logical.

Unfortunately, 99.999% of all humanity has never heard about anything you're talking about, nor will they have any inclination to do as you think they should.
They will do as they see fit, from their own points of view, which have nothing at all to do with "non-agression theory" or any of the other things which you arbitrarily assign to "anarchy" as your own "made up definition" which coincides with a few dozen other "think tank people".

In the real result, none of you will have any impact whatsoever on what actually occurs. It will all happen as if none of you even exist.
Because in plain terms, none of you will exist as far as the rest of the world is concerned.
They will do as they will.
You will have no say in it.

Therefore, what results is NOT predictable by you, nor anybody else.
But, since practically nobody even knows what "your definition" of anarchy is, it's extraordinarily unlikely that it would prevail. In fact, it's virtually assured that it wouldn't.