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I agree that very few people

I agree that very few people are aware of this. Only education by the few who are innovators in ideas, who spread their ideas through "second hand dealers" of ideas (media people) as Hayek referred to them, who in turn popularize ideas in the minds of the masses can eventually allow for such an occurance.

Maybe the vast majority of people will never have an inclination to adopt ananarchistic view, as you suggest.

But at one time everyone "knew" you couldn't sail around the earth. Until very recently in human history chattel slavery was accepted without protest. Yet ideas changed these views - and in an environment where communications were thousands of times slower than today.

Nor is my definition made up. We should all know its derivation is from the Greek, meaning "no ruler". The other aspects of anarchism, such as a society of volunteerism, are correlaries of that.

Still, you may well be correct such a world will never come to be. The same problems of unfamiliarity and liklihood for success can be said for Paulian minarchy. So are you willing to give up the fight? If not, then why should we who would take the last step in reducing state power?