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Comment: Greenspan should come out in support of Paul

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Greenspan should come out in support of Paul

Greenspan knows the fundamentals of these issues. He knows the wrongs of large government and the problems we will face in the future if we don't change something. He understands money and gold and knows how it affects free people. He clearly understands the Fed.

When he was Fed Chairman he did a lot of things that were not good for freedom and liberty and inside himself he knows this. He alienated himself and he knows this.

What better way to get back some of his soul than to come out in support of the one candidate who actively supports the ideals Greenspan knows within himself to be virtuous?

I have had many problems with Greenspan in the past, especially regarding his integrity, but if he were to come out in support of Ron Paul he would get a clean slate in my eyes. Without it, he goes down as an intellectually dishonest fraud. At his death bed will he be able to avoid the shame and guilt of not living up to his own ideals?

Greenspan - do the right thing for once...


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