Comment: You Speaka My Language!

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You Speaka My Language!

I do go on.... You hit it on the head with "speaking their language". Work, rest and play, and don't forget freedom. I've been reading a lot of articles, current and old, about what 'people' think makes a 'good president'. (One has to weed out those articles which only confer what the -press- thinks...) In spite of who gets voted in, the people still think that "honesty" is the most important quality. In light of that, it seems that Ron has a trick up his sleeve that is quite rare in politics - integrity. Other things, too which came up often that seem to describe Ron, such as "speaking well". Ron is able to confer upon folks an understanding of complicated principles in very simple language. And he's nice - I think the public is tired of sarcasm and spin taking the place of intellect and inquiry, and Ron can bring a measure of civility, smarts and class to the debates which have been missing, and will be very much appreciated by those who feel lost in the spin. Ron is just Ron, and in a field of candidates that flip-flop or double-speak or don't do anything at all, that is his greatest strength.