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Comment: I Disagree.... sort of.

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I Disagree.... sort of.

The last thing the people need is a new term for the same old argument. I live in the greatest country on earth, made so by the amount of freedom guaranteed to all of us, including those with whom we have strong disagreements. It is in the chasm of our different beliefs where our greatest strength lie, and I prefer debates about liberty to stay open, indefinitely. The job of the president is to uphold the constitution, which allows for the greatest play between free individuals and communities, which is the basis of our great social evolution. This is just my little horse, I know, but I'd really like to see some pro-choice folks step up and say that it is important to allow the STATES the freedom of choice, just as much as individuals, and to understand that coercing people into accepting abortion without question is just as bad as coercing people out of control over their own person. We, as supporters of choice, must understand how hurtful it has been for people who oppose abortion to see their taxes used to promote or provide it on a global scale. That is not the kind of place I want to live in, any more than I would if my taxes were used to fund global evangelising... I guess I figure the momentum will take care of most things - we can see it happening in spite of poor or entirely missing press, in spite of juvenile attempts at ridicule. Ron speaks quite well for himself, and we can rely on his character to stand on it's own without our help. I'm going after those who think it's okay to sell your country down the tubes over a moral argument which has no place in politics. I'm going after those who don't know any better, but will vote for him because he is so purely and logically pro-life, not as an activist, but as a person. Much of this life/choice debate is run by fear, understandable fear, from both "sides". When you take the coercion of government out of the equation, the fear becomes irrational, and true discussion can begin. True discussion... yeah, my favorite thing about Ron is that "Mr. Rogers" style class.... We could all stand to be a little nicer to eachother.