Comment: A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

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A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

How can the people understand the debate over economics if they don't understand economics? How can people understand how their gov't works (or doesn't) if they don't know the difference between a democracy and a republic? How can people make reasonable decisions of their own when all they get is spin? It's an easy call for those of us that understand how these things work. It's the people that don't that are being swayed by misinformation. Without even mentioning Ron Paul, I see a path to getting him votes.... INFORMATION.

For example, economics is played out to be a complex set of theories that only academics and politicians get. Bologna! It's flippin' easy, yo! That said, I have a tiny germ of an idea, and would appreciate help or ideas:

I want to make up a packet that enables, uh, 'regulah folk', to have an intelligent hand in their own decisions. Just real information in plain language about how our gov't works, how economics works (I'd like to get permission to reprint the first 40 pages of Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics), and how spin works. Even under the most objective of circumstances, it would be difficult for the average Joe to deny, having that information, that Ron Paul is the man for the job.

Like I said, I'm dreaming here.... and as the net goes, any inquiries end up on Ron's speeches and statements. I guess I could just print and distribute those... ho hum.