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Comment: Perspective of mesage recipient

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Perspective of mesage recipient

I would caution on the way Ron Paul is introduced. I think the average american would read the article and believe it to be an extreme view. I do not believe the average American believes society is crumbling around him or her, so they might see this article as alarmist and believe Ron Paul is the "extreme" candidate the media makes him out to be.

Average voters make decisions on next to no knowledge of candidates. It might be worthwhile to do a quick study to find out which of Dr. Paul's messages are recieved best by the public and push with those ideas.

For instance, if you are talking to a male in a red state, you are likely to get the best response with Dr. Paul's small gov't message. If you are talking to a mother in a blue state, his anti-war message is most important.

In politics today, it doesn't matter why people vote for him, just that they vote for him. I'd love for it to be different, but I don' think its going to change this election cycle. If it was possible to "educate" the masses, then it would have been done by now.

All we need to do it generate enough interest that the voter will recognize Paul's name when mentioned, so that they do not filter information about him. A lot of people who watch the debates probably can't name 40% of the candidates, so even if they like the candidates won't necessarily translate into votes.