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werdd, I absolutely agree

I absolutely agree that they "could" be building up to an ad-hoc endorsement of RP. I think, given their positions, they will never put their hand on a candidate's back and say "that's my boy" (lol), but at the same time BOTH of their positions seem to be leaning in the direction of Ron's positions, which I find encouraging given their WIDE appeal and credibility.

Strange how two "comedy shows" have more respect for the actual NEWS than most of the MSM, even according to anchors such as Dan Rather, Ted Coppel, Brian Williams and others who have appeared on, and applauded, their shows.

Right now they are "planting the seeds" in people's minds without coming out and saying, "Hey, this guy Ron Paul has some great points" and you know what? FINE! Let them do it their way, because I can easily see them paving that road, followed by return visits with Ron to seal the deal.

John is a friend of McCain's (hence McCain's 11 appearances on his show), but there's no doubt in this week's treatment of Stewart that he knows McCain's campaign is all but done. These two guys (Stewart and Colbert) are FAR from idiots or talking heads. It doesn't take much listening to realize they have some great grey matter between their ears (lol). I consider both POWERFUL allies to Ron's campaign and Bill Maher's endorsement this week won't hurt either.

The tide is a-changin'...