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Actually, you can trace all the way

Back to Andrew Jackson. While he did destroy the Biddle's central bank (not using really just means, BTW), he also essentially ignored numerous constitutional restrictions, and failed to enforce Supreme court rulings. He also began to expand the federal government, mostly by appointing his cronies.

Lincoln is often scapegoated in my view, because it was in fact Congress and the radical republicans that used their power to punish the south for its refusal to end slavery. Had the Southerners been less stubborn regarding the issue of slavery, things may have been much different. Lincoln tried to work out compromises, even after secession, but too many southerners were reactionaries, and would not consider any compromise,

Further, few seem to note that the confederacy carried out most of the same abuses that Lincoln is so demonized for, Suspending habeus corpus, A draft, and even sedition acts as part of a war effort. Many confederate states complained bitterly about govenrmnet abuses, some even considering seccession from the confederacy.

The issue of the Civil war is very complicated. Let's not try to re fight the civil war. I agree with much of what you are saying. We have our own fight here in front of us.