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Comment: So which is it?

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So which is it?

Socialism, Communism and Fascism are all quite different, though Socialism and Communism are fairly close. Sweden has had a Socialist government for a long time and - despite the very high taxes - it seems to work fine.

Israel is home to many Kibbutz (I don't know what the plural is) and they are probably close to Communal living, though Communism is too strong a word. Everybody works, everybody shares, everybody gets along - mostly. I don't know if they still exist, but I knew many people who enjoyed their time on a Kibbutz. Back in Biblical times, the Essenes wee a Communal community. They worked, shared, raised the kids, and were bound by a common faith and way of life.

Fascism implies a dictator, or a ruling elite that just use the people as their property. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin (despite claiming to be Communist; he was a ruthless dictator), Pol Pot, and many others. They were not nice people.

I think, however, in the past, there have been good Kings and Queens. King John of England was kind to the people and fair in his dealings. Most of the others were wretched and made life miserable for the commoners.

You are right about the need for law.