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We have fascism now! Have you taken a good hard look at DC lately? Bailouts, billions missing, gubberment controling business, owning companies, banks, ect...can you say FASCISM. It's already HERE.

Heck they been putting the little wheat symbols on our money and everything for YEARS. They even have it on the walls of our courts.

We live in anarchy now, come on look at the corrupt politicians, the fat cats, rouge police, ect. You think the rules apply to them? Nah, they get to control and extort from us, because honest people play by they're rules.. 80% of americans, don't want trouble, they want to live in peace. So we allow these jackbooted thugs to extort from us, until someday they will own everything. Including every move you will make in the future.

See, taxation is a force, if they can take a little, they won't stop till they get it all.

Kinda crazy don't you think? that 80% of the populace allows 20% to control them.

Yeah, you wouldn't want 80% of peace loving people to live in anarchy...Lol.

Get real.