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Comment: Ira, I want you to read a book for me and lets talk about it...

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Ira, I want you to read a book for me and lets talk about it...

The book was written by one of my favorite writers, Dr. Steven Pinker from MIT. Being the brain guy, he has written lots of wonderful books on the human boldly called, "How the Mind Works" and another, "The Language Instinct". But in the book BLANK SLATE, he ventures off into our Libertarian territory, by accident, again in the book BLANK SLATE. As in there is no mental Blank Slate when we babies are born, not tabla rasa Rand would say. Please read Pinker's Blank Slate and his analysis ( I wish I could find the page numbers ) which directly addresses what you wrote above...find the book here:

Pinker also cites the books "Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong" and the book, "Darwinian Politics; The Evolutionary Origin of Freedom", written by a libertarian economist Paul Rubin whose work points out the limitations and ramifications of libertarian theory based upon the growing understanding of Human Nature via the evolutionary sciences of sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, etc. Rubin's book points out the need for a new Libertarianism, an advanced model that takes in all the evolutionary sciences and what they have to say about Human Nature. The book, "The Moral Animal" is another good one to introduce you to the science of evolutionary psychology which has all sorts of implications for libertarianism 2.0 as I like to call it. I just finished reading "The Lucifer Principle; A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History" a second time, and it along with all the books above, I believe, mean that if Libertarianism 2.0 is to advance and grow, it must swallow up most of these ideas on Human Nature and Human Society.

Libertarianism 1.0 is John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Herbert Spencer (who had the right direction) and Libertarianism 2.0 is Ayn Rand, Von Mises, Friedman and Hayek (who had the right direction) all do not get us there, that is a complete understanding of ourselves as human beings and where we need to go to be Free and live in relative Liberty.

Today, 2009, we are still stuck with Libertarianism 2.0. What needs to be understood and written is "Libertarianism 3.0 the Science of Human Freedom". After you read Blank Slate, you and I as life long libertarians should talk.... really talk. I really would like to take on the job of writing "Libertarianism 3.0: The Science of Keeping Human's Free" and someone like you, a life long 2.0 libertarian is just the sort of person with 2.0 concerns and language that I need to address in the book.

In peace & liberty,

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