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Respectfully disagree

Guys and gals,
I have to respectfully disagree with the comments made thus far. This straw poll was not rigged. Huckabee more closely aligns with the issues that are important to social conservatives. I know this because I am one, myself.

The social conservative movement does not buy into the whole Libertarianism thing. They would prefer to use their political muscle to restrain certain activities that Libertarians would like to legalize (gay marriage, drugs, prostitution, etc.). I am not for legalizing these issues either, but I also am not for giving my tax dollars to the government so they can finance endless foreign wars. I am also not for my nation being bankrupted by a hijacked Federal Government. Thus, I support Ron Paul because I think it is what this nation needs at this time.

I'm not a "Johnny come lately" though. I've been a Ron Paul supporter for about 10 years since I learned of him through my subscription to The New American magazine where he consistently scores 100% on the Conservative Index. This is an analysis of his conservative voting habits.
Huckabee was able to connect on a deeper level with the particular audience at this debate. It wasn't Valueless." Rather, it was geared towards finding out WHAT the candidate will do, rather than WHY he is doing it... thus, you get the RED/GREEN light round. They don't really care so much WHY Ron Paul isn't for a Constitutional amendment against gay marriage. All they want to know is whether he will promote it.