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It's being done right now.

Facebook and the other social networking sites have the technology right now. They can scale it to any size just by adding more servers.

Google has the resources to track every webpage on the planet and analyze them and link them. There must be at least 1000 webpages for every human on earth, and I suspect much more.

A few years ago, Larry Ellison was pushing for the federal government to use his software for a central national ID database to fight terrorism. Imagine a central federal computer that had all your information in it. There is no limit to what can be tracked. Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle.

The NSA has technology now called Echelon that taps into international phone lines for the purpose of monitoring phone, email, fax, etc. The network of computers is so powerful that it can listen in on thousands of calls simultaneously, determine when a code word has been uttered, and transfer the call to a waiting agent who can then listen in real time or record the call back to the beginning to listen to it later.

They can track you without chipping you too. A few years ago, at the olympics or some other large event (I think it was the Atlanta games), the FBI or some other federal agency had a computer that was using facial recognition software to check every person who entered the venue. It's kind of like the fingerprint matching software that the police use but the computer scans the whole face and is able to search for a match.

Many police departments now have automated license plate scanners in their cars. A camera is constantly feeding images to a computer which is programmed to recognize a license plate from a photo, use OCR like software to determine the number, and cross check it against a database of the wanted. The PC alerts the officer that there is a warrant out for the arrest of the driver of the car that's in front of him.

And don't forget PROMIS which has been mentioned on threads here on the DP. It is software that tracks private financial transactions.

Ever seen the automated toll booths that can track thousands of cars, even at high speeds?

You are already being tracked by the Social Security Administration, HIPAA (health care), medicare, state government, etc. ad nauseum. Why not add a line or two to the 1000 page bills being passed by lazy congressmen who don't read them? It could be sold as a way to consolidate IT departments within the federal government which would save the taxpayers billions of dollars. It could be sold as a way to make sure we didn't have any problems with birth certificates ever again. We could have video of every person being born and getting assigned their ID chip, with RFID scans of every doctor, every nurse, and every syringe used. What a great way to prevent fraud. Health insurance corporations could use the video from exam rooms to determine whether or not the doctor is following their rules and review your hormone levels to make sure you were following the rules too. Just think of the court room applications. There would never be any reason to ask a defendant, "where were you on the night of the crime at 11 pm?" The court could just subpoena the list of the RFID scanners you passed from the Collective Utopia Computer, and edit the data if necessary for the common good.

I hope this proves to you that the technology and resources required to track everyone and everything already exists.