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Continuing the discussion

I do not favor legalizing drugs, per se. But, I'm not in favor of the current Drug War either. We're clogging our prisons and justice system with non-violent drug offenders. There has to be a better way to deal with the scourge of drugs. This is one thing that Dr. Paul got wrong in the debate. He said that drug addiction was a "medical problem." To a degree it is. If someone is hooked on drugs then that is indeed a medical problem. But, it was a moral problem that led to the addiction. Thus, drug use comes down to morality.

Regarding not being able to "legislate morality..." I disagree with that. Most legislation is regarding morality. Killing, stealing, lying (perjury), etc. Almost all legislation is the legislation of Judeo-Christian morality.

Another thing to consider is that the nation that the Founders envisioned was one with maximum liberty and personal responsibility. The people of today are nowhere near as virtuous, to a large extent, as people were in generations past. Just look at the disrespect that the younger generation has for elders and people in general. And, to the extent that one will not govern himself from within, he must thus be governed from without. This is why we have ever-increasing laws prohibiting this, that, and the other.

Full blown Libertarianism can only exist amongst a moral people. Unfortunately, we have descended into a certain degree of decadence and some increased external government in necessary for civility.

On drugs... I certainly don't want America to end up looking like Amsterdam. That's why I don't favor full-fledged drug legalization.