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I don't think it is a rip off


In defense of Matt, I'm confident that he is in no way trying to rip you or your idea off. I know Matt and he's a good guy, very passionate about the cause of liberty and freedom. I talked to him about the station, and the reason he is doing it is because he wants to reach a big audience with a regular radio show for the sole purpose of getting his grandfather elected President.

As far as the name goes, the words "Ron Paul" and "Radio" are descriptive terms, and there just aren't that many variations on how you can put them together to convey the idea of a Ron Paul Radio station! Like Matt said, it is a free market, and this is what a free market in ideas is about.

Just as a case in point from my perspective let me tell this story. In addition to the Daily Paul, there is another blog out there called the "Ron Paul Daily." A reporter from Bloomberg interviewed me, and in her article said that I run the "Ron Paul Daily." Good grief. If you go look at the site, there is some kind of octopus, or something on it, and like nothing else.

But the bottom line is that the terms "Ron Paul" and "Daily" are again simply descriptive, and there are only so many ways you can put them together to convey the idea of daily Ron Paul updates. I can't stop this other guy. I have no idea what his motivations are. The only thing I can do is strive to make a better website so that people come to my website rather than his or hers.

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