Comment: Agreed - Paul's Demonstrations of Character

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Agreed - Paul's Demonstrations of Character

I have been thinking more about this.

Paul's Demonstrations of character are the most impressive to those unfamiliar with him. A recent poll indicated that more than half of voters say (perceived) character is more important than position details.

- Won't take junkets
- Won't cater to lobyists
- Stands up to either party
- Offered to use his own money rather than the taxpayers to buy medals for Rosa Parks et. al.
- Returns money from his budget every year.
- Doesn't vote for his own raise
- Won't participate in the lucrative congressional pension program
- delivered a zillion babies ... most politician's kis babies, Paul smacks em' in the but ;)

The details of his positions will take education but the resources are there for the grass roots and the campaign to direct others (and one another) to.

It will be the regular, honest guy, beltway outsider persona that attracts joe 6 pack. Then we will have to deal with the massive criticism of his kookiness etc. for his more unpopular positions on things such as the FED.