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Tried to post but we'll see

Tried to post but we'll see if it makes it through moderation:

You're right Mr.Jackson, Rand Paul's phenomenal polling numbers and money bombs are NOT about him. It's about the MESSAGE of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and OBEDIENCE TO THE CONSTITUTION.

Establishment Republicans have had long enough and all they've done is pay lip service while consistently violating most, if not all, core Republican principles. We, the actual conservative Republicans,know you will try to copy cat Dr.Paul and begin trying to talk the talk. But by their fruits ye shall know them and the establishment's fruit is rotten to the core with corruption, hypocrisy and lies.

We might not agree with Dr.Paul on every thing but we know for sure that he's honestly going to do the things he says and that he's not going to water down his platform and/or vote once he gets into office. He says what he means and sticks to it.

I'd rather have a candidate where I know exactly what I'm getting VS some back stabbing, lying, corrupt, cow towing party hack that will say, do or vote whatever way the wind blows so as to keep their grubby paws shoveling tax payer dollars into their mouths for life.