Comment: Look at Trey's FEC numbers from last quarter

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Look at Trey's FEC numbers from last quarter

As of 6/30/2009 he has $572,103 cash on hand. Trey's raised his $$$ with big contributions within KY but Rand's moneybomb proves he has national, grassroots support.

Yesterday's moneybomb vaulted Rand over Trey by quite a significant margin and that is precisely what he needed (in conjunction with the great WHAS11/Survey US poll results) and will cause the county parties and their activists to take notice.

The complaint from the GOP Establishment will be that all this money came from out of state which may well be true. But what it does is even the playing field and allow Rand and his activists here on the ground to focus on campaigning while Trey must concentrate on more BIG $$$ GOP fundraising to catch up. Did you get that? TREY NOW IS PLAYING CATCH-UP TO RAND!!

Now is the time to strike while the momentum is on our side. Rand suppotrers here in KY, we must start going door to door NOW, not next year. This campaign will be won in our neighborhoods.

Well done Patriots!