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To The Atheist

I have no problem with your right not to believe in God..and I have no problem with other faiths worshiping how they please..saying the prayers they wish.
The Lords Prayer was just an example to use...The reason I brought the whole thing up is because for those of us who do believe in God, we are being punished, as people have been through history, for what we believe.
To me its like this...
If 1 million refuse to deploy....or
If 1 million refused to pay the illegal taxes..or
If 1 million people gathered to pray in public on state/federal property
Where would they put everyone if they started trying to send us to jail
because we decide to do what the Constitution allows us to do?

On a lighter note...I have a dear friend who is an Atheist. I tell her I can prove there is a God because I prayed for a true friend and met her...She says she didnt pray and got me..All in good fun.

wonders where we can get a prayer to pray that lets government know we wont back down???

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina