Comment: I too no longer go to church,

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I too no longer go to church,

and the reasons are simple. When Caesar came in the churchouse door I left, finally got the point.
"Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's" What part of that do people not understand? Why the Stars and Stripes, the Pledge of Allegiance, government songs inside the church?
Why in America do people want to mix patriotism with their religious belief? Do people really think God is an American?
Most of my life, I like others just accepted these things without thinking about them. Once we mix Caesar and God, who gains? Not God!
I have trouble with taking God into a townhall meeting as though we're invoking God against those who support another position. How can we be sure God even cares about decisions at a townhall meeting?
Mixing Caesar and God is a bad idea.
Notice how Obama is invoking God in support of his healthcare politics? He doesn't mind using God for his own purposes. Those who invoke God on others shouldn't be surprised when it comes back on us. We shouldn't do like Obama and trivialize God for our political purposes.