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War lovers and Rand Paul

To win in a Repubblican primary we must peel off, even ally ourselves with some people we definitely have a poor view of. Perhaps our best chances are with the anti-abortion folks, who can be made aware of the Paul's attitudes on this subject and to emphasize how much they differ in this respect from most libertatians. We also must make clear that the free movement of labor(open immigration) is also not favored by the Pauls as the welfare-warfare state makes this stance impossible. No matter how unpopular the invasion and occupation of Iraq is with the general public, it is much beloved by most Republican primary voters. Rand Paul will have to devise a means of dealing with this. I frankly don't have any good suggestions.

No one should ever forget how shabally Beck treated Dr. Paul during the Presidential campaign or the conscienceless shillin he did for his fellow Mormon, Romney. As for Murdock, he was relentless in having Hannity O'Reilly constantly savage Dr. Paul so th