Comment: Yes, I too watched The People vs. Larry Flynt, when it came...

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Yes, I too watched The People vs. Larry Flynt, when it came...

out. Yup, I agree. I quite enjoy reading their many fine-assed articles, especially the split-page, full spread, Loose Change un-coverages. 'oD

(Okay, mind gettin potty; flipped nights and days? I wouldn't recommend for anyone.)

Love the fact Larry quoted the scraggy old eugenicist geezer, and the New World Order. It's interesting and pathetic to watch the Hegelian Dialectically stuck, or knowingly complicit, neoLiB blooggers trying to demonize Ernest Hancock, RP4409, "Chris," and William Kostric, or anyone else for that matter, fast enough, by tying them to the 1990's Militia Movement that the govt has consistently provocateured and falseflagged; as if trying propagandize that anyone who mentions the NWO are "conspiracist nuts" line is gonna still work, this day and age where Kissinger is arrogantly yammering away on NYSE floor on CNBC, and FT is boldly printing on their front page. Kinda behind the times. But Good for Larry for pounding away on Huffington virtual rag. No more mincing words (though never really had problem with that) for a man who is not afraid to take a bullet for a very controversial lifestyle.

But the more and more upcoming events unfold, at least to those stuck in the false "Left vs. Right" blogoshere, the seed, as to the existence of the FACT that the NWO IS real, Rockefellers did SAY, WRITE, and DO those things, and the notion that 9/11 was a false flag is now part of the American cultural lexicon. If SHTF, whether they believe it or not, it'll linger in the back of their minds. By then, it's up to them, then, if they still want to live in denial as they wait in breadlines at a FEMA camp, while being told to be forcibly vaccinated with toxins. All of us would have done our part, but no one else can help themselves. They have to do that on their own. Hopefully, many will take the Red Pill, by circumstance, if not by one's own volition.