Comment: Absolutely.

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All the old and new stories I've been reading on voter sentiment indicate that honesty/integrity come before the issues every time.... but there's that bit about being "kooky" again... He's a little goofy, and certainly fringe, but that doesn't make him crazy. I've been focusing on his unwavering service, and the juicy bits such as refunding his budget money. Well, I guess that is kind of kooky, in a "founding fathers" kind of way. To those that think he's too fringe - I mention that this is a spin word used to discredit the candidate without actually making a statement about his positions or admitting you don't know what they are. Stop spinning, people! You'll get dizzy and fall down...

I really see the internet pushing this along. James at CHBN had a good suggestion for Ron, to publish more videos, and the internet influence is playing heavy in the news even if Ron isn't. More Ron on Internet = More Ron in News. On the street and on the net, pushing AFTF wouldn't help either. He comes off as probably the least kooky person in that movie.