Comment: Everytime I see that guy's name, I think "Betray..."

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Everytime I see that guy's name, I think "Betray..."

You mean it's Trey Grayson? Betrayson? Try Betray, son? Try Betrayson?

Oh, that's right, that's because the opportunistic hack switched from a Dem to GOP, just so he can get elected: constituents' interests be damned. I give FAR more credit to the good people of Kentucky than whomever this boneheaded political hack, and a shill, thinks. As if that's not self-evident.

Ah... the quiver and a shiver, from the voice of a desperate RINO, who's outlived his purpose, as a REAL grassroots candidate is about to take his boss' job away, boo, boo. Sounds to me like last breath of a dying tyrant, or local boss hoss in this case. neoCON Repugs, always with the idiotic bravado, before the fall.

RAnd Paul 2010 !!!
Peter Sciff 2010 !!!
Adam Kokesh 2010 !!!

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul 2012 !!!

Hey, the man's middle name means "honest," and he actually has been living up to it, for 74 yrs. No coincidence there.