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Comment: I would like the World to

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I would like the World to

I would like the World to realize that This group in NO way is an example of Christian principles.Offensive armed force is Totaly against a true Christian principle.. Christ taught the complete opposite...The Crusades were wrong & this is wrong, as any connection to Christianity..Someone does not have a clue..
.Christ gave himself for everyone, Mulim,Hindo, Buddist, Jew & Gentile..HE came for ALL that realize they cannot possibly keep the 10 Commandments. In that Realm there is no respecter of person with GOD.
Christ taught to love & pray for our enemies..This does not mean become weak minded.
I want to hear about the re-establishment of the Knights Templar within Blackwater ranks ..The ones who were trying to recover Temple artifacts ..There is only one reason anyone would want these items ..It is not a Christian excuse....Christ himself has fullfilled all the LAW there is no more glory there..The glory is in the EMPTY tomb..OUR body is now the TEMPLE..Any other teaching if FALSE.. Not my words, either.
Good people do Good deeds
and are no respecter of person