Comment: Now, only if Jeremy can apply the same journalistic integrity...

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Now, only if Jeremy can apply the same journalistic integrity...

to doing a REAL 9/11 investigation, and suspend all his "a priori" prejudices, plus learn a thing or two about Austrian economics...

Asking too much? Sure, but why not? But, anyone claiming to be for "seeking the truth," must follow it wherever, or whomever it may lead to, no?

I understand, everyone has their own set of limits. However, for the life of me, while I "get it," but still don't "get" how it is that people assume a priori that it is unfathomable that factions within gvt, or those whom have hijacked govt can possibly commit such atrocities upon itself, when history and facts tell us that false flagging is gvt's damn near bread and butter?

The REAL question some of these people should ask is: what difference does it make for the same group people who are willing to LIE and torture to MISlead a whole nation to CONgressionally undeclared wars/occupasions, to have 3000+ our own, murdered, make TRILLIONS in the process, in a span of THREE years, vs. murdering 3000+ of our own, make TRILLIONS thereafter, in a span of ONE day? Really, what is the difference, as far as "they" are concerned?

They honestly "cannot believe some people would be THAT evil?" No wonder they're naive enough to believe ANYTHING gvt says; NOT read HR3200 and accept whatever the gvt tells them, propagandize them to believe anything, at face value.

Regardless, Big Ups to Scahill, nevertheless, for pointing out the obvious on national TV/cable.

Seems the only honest "liberal/progressives" still stuck in the false "left vs. right" paradigm, who are willing to hold Lord oBUSHma to the same standard of criticism as the last village idiot, are BOTH Constitutional scholars and attorneys Jonathan Turley and Glenn Greenwald, and Scahill, and Naomi Wolf.

Ms.Wolf is still a work in progress, when it comes to acknowledging just how big the extent of the martial law apparatus and COG plans have been in effect for a long time, by the NWO in our Republic. However, I can think of no better ally in the "left" who has come along the furthest, by far; I still would like to approach her as a potential liberty/FREEDOM anit-NWO ally, rather than an entrenched ideologue.

Glenn Greenwald, however, really has proven himself to be THE BEST out of all of them. Not to mention, giving OUR Good Doc. credit, wherever and whenever it is warranted, when the Doc. makes a stance FOR the Constitution(which is everyday), especially during W's reign.