Comment: After watching the WHOLE hour of that episode of Real Time...

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After watching the WHOLE hour of that episode of Real Time...

one thing I really would wish Jeremy Scahill would do, is simply come out and say, that BlackWater, for all practical purposes, IS de facto, CIA. Not "acting as a paramilitary," or "the [Bush] Administration's private military wing." Should simply just state the obvious: BlackWater IS a CIA operation. Period.

There should be no more pretense about what BlackWater is, or has always been: like, Air America, during Vietnam era, it's just another CIA black op. PMC/Mercs exist for the sole purpose of skirting CONgressional oversight, and to legitimize plausible deniability so The Executive Branch and CIA do not get into trouble.

Calling BlackWater a "private military contractor," is like calling RAND Corp. an independent thinktank. IT's just CIA's upper echelon's CON to make REAL money off of what they'd normally do at the CIA. Clever murderous thieves, so they delude...

On Real Time, Chuck the other "journalist" kept saying "story," when referring to reporting "news." As if to say, "fact," or truth is irrelevant, but HOW one frames a "news" into a "Story," that is his paramount concern: as in, how best to LIE to the American audience.

Scahill kept countering Chuck by saying "yeah, it's called the truth." Of course, I would have added "Maybe you should try it sometimes, Chuck."

What was even more sickeningly hilarious was Chuck's body language: he literally seemed aghast that Jeremy does not understand the "story" part. He actually seemed surprised that Scahill did not "get" that he should edit and throw the "idiot public" a softball. As if, incredulously telling himself 'Jeremy, you mean, you don't understand that this is how this game is played?' As if the more he mumbled to himself the repetitive rationale of "...well that's the [story] you were [told] to frame..." that, that will somehow make it come true, and make himself feel like a real journalist for a change. I guess such concept is foreign to an indy journalist like Jeremy. Utterly pathetic of that daft lad, Chucky boy.

If you guys get a chance, you should watch the rest of that episode. But, please have a nerfball ready, in case you feel the need to throw something after hearing a concentrated dose of ignoramuses deluding they're geniuses; as if acting like you know something is same thing as ACTUALLY knowing something.

Some GLARINGLY apparent impressions: the Dem.CONgresswoman from IL has NO business being in CONgress. Sam Harris? The Mr. Atheist-in-Chief reactionary to the predicatable pro-Romans:13 Christian Dominionists and pro-faith based initiatives fake-ass christians lemmings of the BushRegime, is an arrogant turd. Maher? NEVER was funny. Leno? Actually funnier when not reading off what his writers at TonightShow scribed for him to teleprompt off of. Chuck is, NO where NEAR being even remotely considered a journalist (no surprise there). Scahill, wins more and more respect from this Ron Paul Constitutionalist every time I hear him speak, though I still reserve my disdain for him for avoiding 9/11 like a plague, not to mention, like a typical false paradigm stuck "liberal," don't understand proper Cause vs. Effect, when it comes to economic issues and really getting the real culprit behind the malaise, as well as solutions.

Let us not even get started on the pathetic jabs the entire panel took, moronically, and frankly lame attempt to disparage gunowners. I mean this was kindergarten comedy hour. If you're gonna come after us, at least match Bill Hick's level of gusto.

On a side note, Arthur Frommer, the famed DIY how to travel on a budget travel guide publisher wants to boycott AZ, because of Chris, the Constitutionally aware citizen who donned an AR15.

I think Arizonans, as well as ALL gunowners should return the favor.

As Maher commented on Hewitt, the CBS of 60 Min, he spoke of Rooney's commentary: Maher praised the notion that "news should TELL us what we OUGHT to know." Oh, you know, We, the moron Americans, cannot, or ARE NOT supposed to think on OUR own without the gvt or the media's explicit permissions. Gee, thanks for clarifying our role, Bill Maher, ya Napoleonic, uncouth midget! This elitist arrogant prick's pussified disposition is a glaring example of his deep worship of the STATE, and the Master-Slave dynamic: needing permission, siding with the bully in hopes he'd leave him alone. This idiot, while grateful that he had the Dr. on THREE time, but has no business calling himself a libertarian. Period.

I don't know if any of you remember his overreaction to the three or four 9/11 Truthers sneaking into his show about two years ago, after he on a previous episode basically called them mentally ill for DARE questioning the State. His body language and his verbal overreaction was typical of a slave living in relative comfort: he ordered his security to basically beat them up, like a little turd taking cover behind a meathead, all the while screaming like a toughguy, "kick his ass [for me]."

Worse, the idiots in his audience CHEERED for the studio security to take the Truthers away, by force. This is always something one observes in an oppressed population: their internal need to project strength to cover their obviously weak physical disposition, as manifest outwardly, however NOT against their tyrants, or their prisonguards, but against one of their own, just as the Romans did cheering the demise of gladiators. This is a true sickness of a forcefully disarmed populace, where the STATE and its enforcers reign supreme and its "subjects" cheer at the sight of one of their own being abused. Not surprised so many in jury these days, cannot seem to reflect on the suffering of citizen victims, in court cases regarding police brutality, civil disobedience, or tax protesters.

Oh no, Bill, we wouldn't want to repeat you losing job over a "Politically Incorrect" comment about 9/11 like you did on ABC, now would we, Bill?

My fellow DP'ers, we should, however, all take heart, to the extent to which NWO & their sycophants in gvt routinely LIE, create excuses, write legalese RATIONALIZING their illegal acts: it is because they NEED OUR POWER to grant them legitimacy. They NEED OUR APPROVAL. They need to CONVINCE us that their evil acts are just. Key word being "convince" us. Meaning we have to give them something they do not yet possess: OUR APPROVAL, our ACCEPTANCE.

Look how far they go to avoid being found out. Or, propagandizing to us, for approval, like a child caught in a lie, or acting like he/she doesn't want to be caught AFTER a lie. That alone should tell us of how much inherent powers that WE have.