Comment: Christian Zionists have always been pro Israel, pro starting ...

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Christian Zionists have always been pro Israel, pro starting ...

Armageddon, to bring on their fictitious rapture. In other words, they're trying to bring on WWIII in the Middle East and think they will be sitting out the bloodbath on Cloud #9 while the rest of us suffer and die. A slew of televangelists preach this ... regular household names, keeping the myth alive ... the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham (I believe), not to mention Tim LaVey (Left Behind series) and others who have made millions on books and speaking engagements.

It will be cold comfort to us (assuming they are successful in starting that war) that they'll be in the same pickle we'll be in.

Anytime you see a Protestant mouthpiece bowing to the politicians, you can assume it's one of them.

By the way, the crusades were not about attacking the Muslim faith, they were about regaining the Holy Land from Muslim invaders who were destroying all the holy places. The Muslims (often with Jewish help) were overrunning Christian Europe. Wherever they took over you got to convert or die.

Just had a thought ... check out how long the Christian Zionist movement has been around. I think you'll be surprized. Maybe it grew a bit after 9/11, but they've been the stooges of the Israelis a lot longer than that.