Comment: I just hung up the phone after a lengthly conversation

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I just hung up the phone after a lengthly conversation

with the superintendant of our school district. I will try to be brief. Basically, he said the decision what up to the principals of each school. He said he believed most schools will tape the webcast to be used in future lesson plans. He said he has received numerous phone calls this morning about the issue and said, "the firestorm came out of nowhere." I informed him the firestorm is spreading across the nation and it will get worse. He asked me why I thought that and I told him because the schools are not informing parents about this webcast which indicates to me the WH knows this would be unacceptable and by not advising parents demonstrates deciet by the school districts. There was more chit chat.

I wanted to be really mad on the phone, but couldn't because the good doctor actually agreed with everything I said. I told him there is no room for politics in the classroom. He laughed and said he couldn't agree with me more. I told him B. Obama is the last person I want influencing my daughters 6 year old mind. He couldn't agree more. When I asked him why he would allow this to happen since he was in agreement he simply stated it was out of his control. When I further advised him:

My daughter will not be in school on tuesday:
1500 fliers will be placed on windsheilds over the weekend:
The day my daughter comes home and mentions a speech by B. Obama is the day I pull her out of school:

His response was, good for you.