Comment: The TRUE America is revealed

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The TRUE America is revealed

I am saddened by the comments posted on here from ADULTS with children. To hear that a parent is refusing to allow their own children to not attend school over a Obama's speech is crazy. The same so called "values" that these parents claim to have taught to their children about the importance of education is going to be thrown right back in their face as lies because of a speech that encourages to stay in school and work hard to achieve goals. Don't they realize that by keeping them away from school they are actually saying "School is important, but only if we agree with what is being taught"? This is a president that is trying to put the American people first. He has been tackling the economy trying to get us (adults and children) out of the worse financial mess in decades, he has made healthcare accessible to children that need it, he is trying to pass a better healthcare that affordable, extended help to families that were about to lose their homes, bringing our troops home from a senseless war, and the list goes on. All Bush did was worry about that senseless war and raised prices on everything imaginable for eight years...not giving a crap about the middle class or our children. I feel so sorry for Obama because no matter what he does it will never be enough because he has a DARKER COLORED SKIN than previous presidents. Shame on everyone for their ignorance.