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I too, hope you learn something here. I've read the comments and I see none that pertain to race. Why do you refer to it? Tell me what we have to be ashamed of? And what ignorance do you speak of? We are aware of Obamas extention and expansion of the Patriot Act, his yes vote on FISA, TARP, Bailouts, Stimnulus, WAR & MORE WARS, and no he will not be bringing our troops home, only reshuffling them to Afganistan, Pakistan and who knows maybe even Iran, military tribunals, continued deficit spending, appoinment of 35 Czars, croynism continues unabated. He is continuing Bush's policies. Simply put we can not afford to overhaul healthcare. We are broke not only at the Federal level but at the State and County levels, as well. Everyone who needs emergency care may have access to it at a ER, no one is refused care. Those who meet the criteria may apply for medicare as it stands. As far as him addressing our schools, it's no different then if Bush had since they are one in the same.