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I agree with you to the point where you claim

Obama is putting the people first. Obama is putting the global corporations first and he is using the Department of Education as a tool to condition children to Keynesian economics (socialism, which many generations of Americans are already victims of "the nanny state", which is DEPENDENT on a "black market" (capitalism, based on illegal drugs and gun (and in govt WMD) sales, which produces a police state/ prison nation).

I lost my wallet a few months ago and went to the Social Security office to replace my SS card. While I was there, a woman came screaming out of someone's office, "YOU are NOT going to take my baby!!" There was allot more said... I stood there, thinking, "Thank gawd she doesn't have a gun". It was really spooky, and an ugly experience.. a few weeks ago, I saw a man get tazed.. for nothing. I couldn't help myself when I said, "Stop it! stop it!".. and then I thought... "Don't say anything because they may think you're saying, "Me next, me next".

None of these incidents are directly Obama's fault. These kind of events certainlty happened under Bush, but they were not so many reported. The first tazing I saw was on YouTube of a guy questioning John Kerry about the 2004 election, which he claimed Kerry won.

There are many people here, and people on the left, who believe our government has been hi-jacked by a "duopoly" that is leading the US into a global slave state and that is not where they want their children to go, because they know, Keynesian economics is slavery.

During the election, I asked Democrats why they were voting for Obama, hoping to get 10 reasons. I got seven.

1. he's cute
2. he's mixed race/black (many people here would have voted for Powell before 911)
3. he's a good speaker
4. he studies constitutional law
5. he's NOT GOP
6. he's NOT Hillary (GOP)
7. He tells the truth

People voted for Ron Paul because

1. End the Fed
2. Stop the Patriot Act
3. End the Wars
4. End the War on Drugs
5. Reduce Debt
6. Lower Taxes
7. NO National ID
8. Secure borders
9. he looks like Mr Bunny
10. he tells the truth,

Ron Paul said he would eliminate the dept of education and he did not support Bush's "No Child Left behind"...

I believe the race card is way over played on Obama.. I personally do not know ONE person who has an issue with his race. I think the race card, no matter which side tosses it.. is racist.