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Increase it

They key to remember here is variety. The smaller the districts the more focused the representative MUST be to his constituency. If you have a district with, say, 50k voters with a 25/20/5 split then the actual number of individuals you must canvass to swing the percentages is drastically reduced. We're talking about making a congressional campaign cost about as much as a modern state representative campaign. I can tell you from experience you can put on a grass roots state rep campaign for less than $50k and run with the big boys if you canvass.

If the campaigns are cheaper the choices will grow, thus the content of the campaigns is more about substance and local needs rather than the current party rhetoric. One added bonus to this system is that the voters are exposed to a larger variety of subjects and even political philosophies via the voter's pamphlets. Once the voters see the vast array of viable options, party lines begin to blur behind personally identifiable and pertinent issues.

It has also been said that larger houses have more meaningful debates and less corruption.

One last thing, this plan is useless without term limits and appointed senators. End the 17th amendment - Restore States Rights -