Comment: I feel that it is needed.

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I feel that it is needed.

There are districts that one party always get the seat. Even though 30 to 40 percent of that district always votes for the other party. Lets take the 1st congressional district in Indiana. In densely populated Lake County, it has the cities of Gary, Hammond, Whiting, East Chicago etc. That vote heavily democratic. Now in the south part of the county and about four other counties that are also in the 1st distict. It's less populated and these people vote Republican. So if there was an additional congressional seat added the people of both halves of the now 1st district would be more represented as of their political beliefs. Meaning more representation. And the representative would be closer to his constituency.
Now.... Having a strangle hold on the polictical parties. The two party system cannot be penetrated. If there are more seats to challange. I think it would be easier to run a third party from this. The candidates running for congressional office under the Inderepubdemo Party would have fewer voters to reach. Also the strangle hold of the state newspapers, tv, radio couldn't stop all challanges to the two party system. Likewise, the powers that be, the special interests, and the lobbiests would have a tougher time to control a larger body.
I think this is a great idea. I'm pro!

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