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JamesC: "ludricrous" you say?

Your assertion is made flatly with no basis of truth.

Nope, just all of human history -- when you put more men in power you get "bigger" gov't -- bigger costs -- bigger deficit spending. Show me when we went from small gov't to big gov't and that worked out for "us" (the common man).

When Abdication or Self-Rule goes up so does the "cost" -- welfarism.

With term limits in place and the repeal of the 17th amendment a larger House of Representatives would ensure that everyday citizens who have shown financial prudence could, in time, pursue a Congressional campaign. The math is simple, less people to canvass and inform the less money is needed, thus the variety of candidates will increase.

Wow! Your "math" excludes a lot of common sense. I don't care about the cost of campaigns -- I care that people "think" they need a representative.

You do not understand Consumer-Minarchism. The "consumer" leads -- not the 'workers' not the 'propertarians' and not gov't.

Thornton and the "big names" who support this "rule of 30K" thing want "no term limits" -- They will lead the charge not you.

Here's what I support -- 1-Term in Office. Reduce Gov't by 90% at the Federal Level and 80% at the State.

Ron Paul talks about all the department's he'd eliminate and you want to increase representation assuming what -- all those people will pick libertarians? Once you have 10,000 representatives, what they are going to vote for greater self-rule?

How can a minarchist NOT support smaller campaigns with more choices?

Easy -- It cost $607M (non-hidden costs) to support the idiots we have now (535) -- chosen by the same intelligence (civilians) you want to put in charge to pick an even larger number of people.

Now if we follow Thornton's rule of 1 rep per 30,000 civilians then that means we need 10,233. The total cost for that debacle (salary and yearly budget) will be over $10B.

So, 1.8M with an average salary of $50K currently cost $90,000,000,000 (90 billion).

Will the proposed 10,233 increase this cost, decrease it, or keep it the same?

Why would a Consumer - Individualist such as your self invoke the name of the (non) leader of the (non) movement? I do enjoy your stance on many topics, I do not enjoy stifling conversation on what very well could be part of the transitional phase of government.

Who's the non-leader of the non-movement? Are you talking about "Rothbard?"
---Well Rockwell and Thornton the biggest names in this push for "30K" (the Constitution) are both Rothbardians.