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Riverrun: Obviously you don't read my threads/posts if you

suggest that I argue for the "status quo," smile.

You are not allowing my argument -- which is a far older argument; one that Ron Paul and Mises support; like I said you are not allowing it or considering before you jump on the Rothbardian bandwagon.

Mises (Mises Institute and Father of Modern Austrian Economics) and Rothbard (Founder of Anarcho-Capitalism) differed fundementally over who the individual is in society -- without knowing this you don't know who to protect.

Rothbard was a Propertarian-Individualist
Mises was a Consumer-Individualist

That is a HUUUUUUUGE difference.

Everyone is a Consumer, but not everyone is an Owner / Worker.

Adding more men to a Owner / Worker Perpetual War (voting / lobbying) is not going to "reduce" anything -- it will add more voices to the fire.

Also, you are ignoring one simple fact. Our gov't now is controlled by "senior" politicians.

If we move from a 535 Gov't to a (1 rep per 30,000 civilian) 10,233 Gov't you will still have the same number of "seniors" controlling.

What do they control?

1) Special Committee Seats
2) Party War Chest
3) and thus; the Votes of all Junior Politicians who want lobby-profits

You can't change that by a bigger abdication model -- Only by reducing abdication and increasing self-rule can you change that.

Your argument sounds like everyone elses on this page -- not well thought out; you try to discredit me rather than deal with the content of my debate.