Comment: God is the answer to your question?

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God is the answer to your question?

OK it is all starting to make sense now... It's official: Obama is at war with God

Obama getting the nobel peace prize the same day America bombs the moon? The irony is not conincidental, it is actually right on schedule...

Obama is an antizionist, that much has been clear since his administration has taken over, his war on the conservative movement is on the verge of being unprecedented, considering how his department of homeland security has made Christians out to be a national security threat among other facets of the conservative movement, then there is the polar shift in our relationship to Israel.

The change in tone, as far as where the vibe of the Whitehouse is coming from, considering the targets of this nations crosshairs have been polarized to the point where the former targets have now been victimized to the point of making those formerly targeting them the demonized targets: IE the CIA.

The devil is in the details, and the details reak with our former allies being transformed by our current allies... We today stand at a flashpoint that is not only visible in the heavens but on the earth.

Now Obama is declared a nobel peace prize winner the same day we bomb the moon? What does it mean?

America just bombed the moon: A HEAVENLY BODY~!! By definition this is a declaratin of war, but with whom? Are we now officially at war with heaven? We just bombed a heavenly body is it fair to say that Obama has now officially gone to war with God himself?

Obama is a radical beyond the extremes, and imaginations of most Americans who are waking from their sleep. Think about it, if you where a psycho, and wanted to go to war with the God of the Heavens what better way to declare your intent, and what better way to do it, if it was in your power to do so, than to bomb the nearest heavenly body, the moon itself: there is no symbolism to it.

Fact is we are right on pace with biblical prophecy, the end time world leader will lead the world into war with God himself. You can ignore prophecy all you like, but when we are on pace with it, ignoring it takes a lot more effort... This is a bold and radical step that aims to bring mankind one step closer to being the ultimate authority over itself, but in order to do so, Zion needs to be eradicated off of the face of the earth, so that nothing can stand between man rather than the God of creation, being the authority over mankind in the world.

As I write this, the war to remove the Zionists from even praying near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is in full force by Muslim clerics who are urging an uprising of arabs to wage war with Zionists who dare to pray at the actual wall of temple mount they built.

It is official, America according to Obama is no longer a Christian nation, it has actually gone as far as to go to war with the God of creation by bombing the moon. Mankind now has finally emerged on the precipice of being the ultimate authority over itself, while acknowledging Obama as the winner of this peace proccess.

Obama's former mentor for 20 years and former Muslim, Rev. Wright has a mentor, James Cone. James preaches that God must be killed.

" If God is not for us, and against the white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him." James Cone