Comment: capitalism and the health-care debate

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capitalism and the health-care debate

regarding the HEALTH-CARE DEBATE, valuable is a man's life compared to"the gold standard" that capitalism has raised ?
it's good to see and hear of those who show how valuable a man is, like jack herer, (as an example) by their donations toward the hospital cost. but here we also have a show of those who wouldn't lift a finger to help a man in his need, unless compensated with money......
VALUES ! man vs. gold!
we mankind have placed value on things like gold, when we should rather place our value and standard toward the well-being of each other and raise that standard alone !
that's what i would call true health-care all around the earth, where no-one's left out! because their' well-being is the standard in us!
gold should be lowered to the status of being a common thing....values!?
my friend jack herer's life is worth more than capitalism's standard of whats valuable!
capitalism robs all mankind of the dignity due them....that means:" being valued by those around you". an example of those who's dignity been stolen from are the homeless. does anyone really care about a homeless person's well-being? the homeless are always being run off the the establishment of capitalism with police-force backing!
how just is capitalism ? seeing that it robs from another ? of even life itself ? gold was more valuable than the lives of san salvador the day columbus' ship arrived. the same with north america from the east coast all the way to the west coast. how many died because their neighbor saw gold as being more valuable than themselves...?
when it comes to showing genuine care for another, the means employed doesn't begin with capitalism, but with the heart.....capitalism hinders the heart's resources from being employed toward the well-being of those you care for....LIMITATIONS !
IF IT NOT BE TRUE,......then why is everything hindered by a lack of capital $ from the homeless to the united states government ?....! and that's not speaking of the welfare of other nations, countries, and peoples. it doesn't matter if your a capitalist or socialist. it doesn't matter if your a democratic nation or a communist nation. CAPITALISM HINDERS ALL PEOPLE !
if our standard is being that the well-being of our family, friends, and neighbors, and even the neighbors you've never met before, are important to you, then we have shown signs of compassion drawing from our own personal experiences,.....knowing personally, what it might be like for someone else, being in similar circumstances we've treaded in before.
then we've obeyed what was counciled out of the mouth of moses, who spoke about meeting a stranger along the way....reflecting on our own personal experiences of hardship and suffering (in egypt) and being without someone who cared for our own well-being in a time of need....saying, remember what it was like for yourself....opening your heart of compassion as well as your hand and give to the need of the stranger, remembering how it was, that there was not anyone there to help you in your times of need, past, relating it to your neighbors, strangers, family and friends' needs at present. that there may not of been someone there to help in there own present need, if you don't.
that's what it means to fulfill the law and the prophets....loving your neighbor as yourself, treating them with the same care you have had a need of in your own time of need, so that you can receive help in for your needs, down the way....reaping what you've sown toward others.....
the measure you meet out, you will receive back to your own need from your neighbors MULTIPLIED!........speaking of karma, sowing and reaping. karma is one's own livelihood based upon one's relationships with family, friends, and neighbors, as well as his god. it's the disposition of our circumstances. he who sows to the well-being of another's good, well then receive it back again in a due course of time, from many of our neighbors. it's that easy to be a benefit to others as well as being benefitted, enriching and being enriched.
then all else, being things (food, shelter. clothing, etc.) will fall into it's rightful place (priority) in all our lives and in all our relationships, being administered in love to one another.
biblicallyspeaking, council drawn out of experience, is understanding. thus, the old testament, becomes the new ! law is transformed into council based upon one's experiences, drawing the line between being a wise person or a foolish person.....learning from the experience of one's history and that of others......

john f. adams