Comment: The problem with the free market and capitalism

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The problem with the free market and capitalism

They both rightly identify entrenched corporatism as the major problem in our current exploitative environment.

However, an interesting problem arises talking about the golden days or golden ideal of free market America. The problem with the collegiates reasoning is that an aggressive capitalist mindset will / may lead powerful free market companies to seek a corporatist government suprastructure to permanently establish them as the powers that be, regardless of any true value. Historical development from late 19th century America onward bears this truth out. I think Michael Moore understands that, as do many contemporary liberals, but they don't usually reason it out very well.

This is why I keep myself firmly ensconced as a moderate libertarian and all the theoretical / abstract reasoning has yet to convince me otherwise. Although if we had enough dedicated honest statesmen like Ron Paul, a nearly voluntarist-anarchist or at least minarchist government might be possible. However, this government could / would not exist without a majority of enough dedicated honest and virtuous citizens, at least not as a democracy. So then we are left with an aristocratic type government as the option, enforcing freedom and virtuous behavior on the crooked by force, and that breaks most libertarians first theoretical ideological law.