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Comment: Its a disaster. However I

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Its a disaster. However I

Its a disaster. However I support the intent of child support.
Title IV-D is a program to help mothers where the father abandonded the family and the mother came to the state for help, thus becoming a "needy family" the state then could collect based on the "bennefits" the mother would get from the state and not a penny more. the goal was to have the fathers who abandonded the children to pay for his kids and not have the burden put upon the citizens.not a bad program.... however this power was blown out of control!!!

"child support" was defined in a supreme court case

its money paid due to an absent parent, or needy family. you can not be in title IV-D without a needy parent or absent parent. Today there are statues that say all you need is a court or and to apply, so anyone can get in and the state uses child support guidelines, even when there are no absent parent or needy family making an incentive to get pregnant for monetary gain.

I have friends that went to jail, good fathers, lost their jobs, and couldn't pay, went to jail!! One friend has his daughter all the time, he watches her during the day, still pays child support and day care, even though he watches her. Another friend had a judge base his support on "potential" income and made his child support more than 100% of his income and he went in to arrears 130k, destroyed his credit and his 15 year career in the airforce!! Its countless reasons like this, why im going after public officials who enjoy destroying families.

Im going to be researching finding my child support case on Dunn and brad street and find out whats really going on!!