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To compel, coerce or control...

Right on, tz. Take control out of the equation and the truth will emerge. The fear of compulsion causes blindness and deafness on both sides. I read Ron's statement at Libertarians for Life and was simply glad to see a secular argument against abortion. I am still pro-choice, but I'm also still up for discussion, and will be indefinitely. The rule of law, however, is not. Why is this so important to me?

When I read the statement, my ideas about abortion changed. I had some new ideas of my own, and was able to appreciate the feelings of others more deeply. Coercion and control only serve to stifle the discussion, to stunt our own evolution as individuals and as a society. We must have a means to interact peaceably in spite of extreme emotions and differences of opinion, to continue the discussion even when we feel like going to war with eachother. No other issue illustrates the importance of States Rights and the rule of law in a free society than does abortion.

Even if I were to make the leap to a pro-life attitude, I will remain politically pro-choice: it's up to the states. Ron Paul is the ONLY one who has any respect for what the Rule of Law means to a free society.

Convince. Now that's a better word. This is a good time to convince people that even when he disagrees on such super-charged, heavy weight issue, he can still represent you fairly in government.